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Since 1993, Bury Shopmobility has been dedicated to serving all those that require its services. We pride ourselves on provide a highly personalised service and serving the people of Bury.

Who are we?

Bury Shopmobility is a local charity dedicated to serving and assisting any persons who have problems with their mobility which inhibits them from carrying out their business in Bury town centre and the surrounding area. 

What we offer?

We strive to be able to serve all customers needs; to do this, we have an extensive fleet of manual and electric wheelchairs alongside a sizeable fleet of mobility scooters to serve all needs.

Where are we?

Bury Shopmobility is situated in an ideal location for all your shopping needs. We are located behind the Bhs/Millgate multi storey carpack with easy access to Bury Market and the Rock.

Want to Help Out?

Want to volunteer? That’s fantastic! Call in or contact us to have an informal chat with one of us about what we have available. We accept new volunteers only when there is a need for new team members as we do not want to disappoint or over-staff the charity.

As we receive no external funding, we run a series of events throughout the year to raise funds to cover the running costs of the charity and to make improvements to our service e.g. new scooters.

We often work in partnership with a local business; over the last two years we have worked with Bhs and we are currently working alongside ASDA.

If you would like to assist with providing fundraising opportunities or to help out at one of our events, please give us a call or a message on the Contact Us page and we will get back to you.

Do you have a product or service that would be beneficial to our services? ​If you feel you have something to offer that would be helpful to our charity, please contact us on 0161 764 9966 to discuss the potential options available.


Membership Options 

We have two options for you; a 12-month renewable donation – £15.00 or our temporary services listed below

There is a further cost of £3 per session. A session is either 09:30 – 12:30 or 12:30 – 15:00 or £5 for a full day. 
Memberships can be bought on the day of your visit, however, we advise that you book in advance to avoid any disruption to your day or disappointment if we do not have the service you require available. 


To allow us to keep our insurance premiums to a minimum, we require two forms of ID (identification) of all our members when they sign up to become a member. 
These pieces of ID need to have your name and address on; this could be anything that comes through your letter box – for example, this could be a prescription, driver’s licence, any bill, hospital letter and so on. 
If this is not possible, please ring us on 0161 764 9966 to discuss your options and to see if we can do anything for you.  



We now offer daily hire to those on day trips to Bury for £10. We require two forms of ID with your name and address on. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 0161 764 9966.


Are you or a someone you know visiting Bury for a holiday and require a wheelchair for more then a day? 

We now offer a manual wheelchair hire service for up to 60 days that can be used throughout the whole of Europe and it only costs £7 per day with a £50 refundable deposit (which is returned when the wheelchair is returned)

All we require is proof of name and address – a list of example ID is shown above.

If you have any questions or would like to book this service, please call us for a chat on 0161 764 9966



We have a fleet of 3-wheel and 4-wheel electric scooters in a range of sizes to accommodate most needs. These scooters are actively maintained and serviced and are always in their best condition to leave the building.

To book one of our scooters, please ring 0161 764 9966 to speak to one of our volunteers and we will book you in.

Please ring in advance for market days (Wed,Fri,Sat) as we are especially busy on these days and scooters fill up very quickly.


We have a selection of electric wheelchairs to suit the needs of our members.

We offer both single and dual control for ease of use and comfort.

As with all our services, it is best to book in advance to avoid disappointment.


If electricity isn’t your speed, we have a range of manual wheelchairs in a range of sizes and specifications to further accommodate customer’s needs


We provide a limited escort service for those members that require assistance with their shopping.

As volunteers can be limited on certain days, it is essential that escort services are booked in advance to avoid disappointment.

We require at least one week’s notice to book this service.

Please note: To use any of our services, you will need to become a member of Bury Shopmobility or use our Daily Hire service


Please call us on 0161 764 9966 to book any services.

Should you an unwanted scooter in a reasonable, working condition, please consider donating it to us.